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If you wanna

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If you wanna

Mensaje por Jung Techi el Vie Mar 25, 2011 4:39 pm

If you wanna

Yeah! YeahI
Ladies & Gentleman
Right now
Introducing K-A-R-A Yeah!
Do you wanna love
Yeah! I know you wanna love
Baby Boo

* If you,
soljikhage dangdanghage ajjilhage doogeungeorige
mame deulmyeon mame deunda malhae
eoseo bballi If you wanna love

If you,
dda ddeuthage deundeunhage hwakshilhage bbajyeobeorige
mame deulmyeon mame deunda malhae
eoseo bballi If you wanna *

ni namjachingun mweonde geureohge ddo noonchieopshi hanbeondo
soneul jabjido mareul geoljido anhgo mamdo moreugo noonchido eoptgo

ibeoni sooshipbeonjjae jebal ddeum jom geuman deulyeo jeokdanghi
ddaereul bwaseodo yeogil bwaseodo jigeumi gihwejangha

Repeat *

amoomaldo mot-hae gidarigo isseo
babogatchi hanbeon booreujido mot-hae
daga-oran marya only want to hold you
All I want is you feel the love

oneuldo sooshipbeonjjae jebal ijen yonggi naebwa bandeushi
hanbeon nohchigo du beon nohchimyeon dashi anojanha

Repeat *

(Rap) oh, uh huh, yeah, let's go
Time to stop tryna calculate you making me frustrate
is time to just trust fate yanno theres nothing to hesitate
call me baby, call me honey, call me sweetie, yo!
I'm digging everything I'm sensing from the vibes off you
Oh is this f'real
Take a look at me I am waiting for you waiting
for your leading me to love without cliche
boy oh boy don't you know
Chances pass day by day so step up before they fly away

Repeat * 2x
Jung Techi

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